Synthesis Media is the certified UK design partner for Instant Magazine, a powerful and versatile digital publishing platform.

Instant Magazine design services
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Our design and support service helps you to create stunning digital magazines, brochures and reports.

If you need help designing your Instant Magazine, or are interested in delivering more interactive content to your audience, we offer a full range of services from concept to delivery.

Our flexible approach means we can manage all aspects of Instant Magazine publishing, or just support you with initial designs and ad-hoc support.

What makes Instant Magazine an ideal digital publishing solution?



Unlike PDFs, which require zooming and panning on smaller screens, Instant Magazines are perfectly responsive and look gorgeous on any device / browser combination. Engage readers with equal deftness behind their desk, on the train, or anywhere else they choose to go.



Instant Magazines can be measured and analysed in detail. See who accesses your content and precisely how they engage with it, then use this data to make future editions more effective and engaging. And you’ll use less paper!

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engage readers

Engage and inspire your customers with gorgeous, interactive branded content that will stand out and leave a lasting impression. From digital magazines to interactive product catalogs, Instant Magazine is the best way to showcase your content.

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Here are some examples of Instant Magazine in action